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When choosing between the different types of oxford weaves, you should consider the occasion and dress code. Pinpoint oxford shirts are the most formal of the three and are appropriate for business and formal events. Cambridge oxford shirts are more casual and are a good choice for everyday wear or more casual events. Royal oxford shirts are a versatile choice that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  Pinpoint Oxford: Pinpoint Oxford is a type of oxford weave that has a finer texture and is more formal than other oxford weaves. The weave is created by using a tighter weave structure, resulting in a smoother, more polished appearance. Pinpoint Oxford shirts are typically used for more formal occasions...

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Here we present for you a brief overview of fabric weaves. When selecting a fabric to make your one-of-a-kind custom made shirts, the weave type is an important consideration. THE BASICS Broadcloth, twill, and Oxford are three most common weave styles used for making 100% cotton fabrics for men's dress shirts.       Broadcloth: Broadcloth is a plain weave fabric that is tightly woven, resulting in a smooth and lustrous finish. It is known for its durability and is often used for formal dress shirts. It is lighter in weight than Oxford and Twill fabrics and is often made with a higher thread count, which gives it a more luxurious feel. It has a soft hand-feel, making it comfortable...

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